Readers ask: Vanier Ou Dawson?

Is Dawson better than Vanier?

Really no big difference, but the Dawson facilities were much nicer. In terms of people, and this is from my experience, Vanier was populated almost entirely by obnoxious people. Dawson definitely had those too, but there was a bigger variation. I liked Dawson more, but I strongly recommend Vanier.

Is Dawson a good Cegep?

According to Quebecor, Dawson College ranks #1 in Science, #1 in Social Science and #2 in Mechanical Engineering Technology. “We are certainly proud of the work of all our employees who work so hard and are truly dedicated to our students,” said Richard Filion, Director General of Dawson College.

What is a good Dawson R score?

The R score is expressed by a number that can range from 1-50 although most R scores fall within the 15-36 range. To give you an idea of what the numbers mean, an R score average of around 35+ is usually required to be admitted to Medicine, an R score average between 27 to 29.5 is required to be admitted to Management.

What is the best Cegep in Montreal?

The Best 10 Colleges & Universities in Montreal, QC

  • College Canada.
  • Concordia University – Campus Sir George Williams.
  • University of Montreal.
  • HEC Montréal.
  • Collège LaSalle.
  • Herzing College – Montréal. Colleges & Universities.
  • Vanier College. Colleges & Universities.
  • Collège Rosemont. Colleges & Universities.
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How much does Dawson College Cost?

Full time students in a program pay an amount of $1,430.00 per semester. This amount is in addition to other applicable fees (excluding hourly course fee).

Is marianopolis worth?

Home to over 2000 students, Marianopolis is well known for its academic excellence and competitive environment. Take it from me, Marianopolis is an amazing school. You will be academically challenged for two full years, and the pay-off is totally worth it.

Is Cegep a college?

CEGEP, or Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (in English, College of General and Vocation Education), is a pre-college university program unique to Quebec. CEGEP education is highly subsidized by the government and is almost free to students.

What is Vanier college known for?

The college participates as the Vanier Cheetahs in the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association and the Quebec Student Sport Federation, and is known for its men’s and women’s basketball, football (soccer) and rugby union teams, men’s Canadian football teams, and women’s flag football teams.

Is 34 R Score good?

Here are a few things about Marianopolis and the R-Score. Two thirds of Marianopolis graduates had an R-Score above 30 and a fourth of all our 2019 graduates had an R-Score above 34 when they applied for university admissions. Overall, students do better at Marianopolis regardless of their incoming high school average.

Can I get into McGill with a 25 R score?

In most undergraduate programs at McGill University, the minimum R-score of successful applicants was substantially higher than 25 this year.

Is it hard to get into Dawson?

At Dawson, overall applications are up 16 per cent, and the number of people vying for a spot in the school’s science program is up 27 per cent. Making things even more difficult for prospective students, both schools have between 200 and 250 fewer available spots for the 2021-2022 school year.

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What does Cegep mean in English?

What is a cégep, anyway? It’s an acronym from the French term Collège d’enseignement general et professionnel, which means General and professional teaching college. In Quebec, Canada, it’s a public school that provides the first level of post-secondary education.

Who can go to Cegep?

To be eligible for the CEGEP system you must have attended a total of 6 years of elementary, and 5 years of secondary school.

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