Where Is Juneau Alaska?

Where in Alaska is Juneau located?

Juneau, city and borough, capital (since 1906) of Alaska, U.S. The city, at the heart of the Inside Passage (Alaska Marine Highway), is located in the southeastern part of the state, on the Gastineau Channel.

Is Juneau on an island?

The City and Borough of Juneau includes Douglas Island, a tidal island to the west of mainland Juneau.

What is Alaska’s capital city?

Juneau is 4,028.28 mi (6,482.89 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere. How far is it from Juneau to the South Pole? From Juneau to the South Pole, it is 10,246.20 mi (16,489.67 km) in the north.

What is Juneau known for?

Juneau is home to 280 species of birds, brown and black bears, five species of salmon, and whales (primarily humpback and orca). Although you may not see them all on your next Alaskan cruise, Juneau is well known for its incredible wildlife — both on land and by sea. Juneau is popular.

What is unique about Juneau Alaska?

Juneau is truly a city of both mountains and ocean. It’s sandwiched right in between 3,800-foot peaks and the sea. A gold discovery in the Juneau area was the first such discovery that resulted in the founding of a town in Alaska—and that town became Alaska’s capital in 1906 when the government transferred from Sitka.

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Does it snow in Juneau Alaska?

Located in a rain forest, Juneau has a cloudy, wet climate averaging measurable precipitation (0.01 inch or more) about 222 days a year. Snowfall, which occurs from October through April, is substantial with seasonal totals approaching 100 inches.

Why is Juneau not in Canada?

The dispute had existed between the Russian Empire and Britain since 1821, and was inherited by the United States as a consequence of the Alaska Purchase in 1867. The final resolution favored the American position, as Canada did not get an all-Canadian outlet from the Yukon gold fields to the sea.

Is Juneau or Anchorage bigger?

Because Juneau is smaller (just under 33,000 residents, compared to Anchorage’s 300,000), it’s pretty obvious when a cruise ship (or two or three) full of passengers gets to town. Anchorage, on the other hand, is bigger and can absorb visitors without oversaturating.

What’s Alaska’s nickname?

Alaska Facts State Nick Name: ” The Last Frontier” – the name Alaska is derived from the Aleut word “Aleyska,” meaning “great land.”

Can you drive a car to Juneau Alaska?

By Car or “Road” You can’t drive to all the way to Juneau without taking the ferry, but you can get much of the way along the 1,500-mile Alaska-Canadian Highway (ALCAN). Legendary for its beauty, the ALCAN connects Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48.

How far is Juneau Alaska from the ocean?

The total driving distance from SEA to Juneau, AK is 1,815 miles or 2 921 kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from SEA to Juneau, AK is 902 miles. This is equivalent to 1 452 kilometers or 784 nautical miles.

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How far is Juneau from Canada border?

The capital of Alaska and the second largest city in the state, Juneau is located on the Gastineau Channel. That’s less than 100 miles from the US-Canadian border.

Is Juneau Alaska rural or urban?

Alaska is the largest state geographically and covers 571,951 square miles, with a 2019 estimated population of 731,545 people – 238,379 living in rural Alaska (USDA-ERS). Juneau, the capital, is located in the southeastern coastal region of the state. The state’s largest cities are Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks.

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