Where Is Juneau Wi?

What county is Juneau WI in?

The City of Juneau, initially named “Victory”, was first settled in 1845. It was later named after Paul Juneau, who acted as a liaison between Indians and settlers. His father Solomon Juneau was the founder of Milwaukee. Juneau was incorporated as a village in April, 1865.

What’s the zip code for Juneau Wisconsin?


Is Juneau the capital of Alaska?

Juneau prospered, and was established as Alaska’s capital in 1906 when the government was transferred from Sitka. It’s the only state capital which borders a foreign country.

What county is Adams Wisconsin?

He had been summoned to the Milwaukee area by Jacques Vieau, a French-Canadian fur trader and the first permanent white settler in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When did Solomon Juneau die?

He founded a settlement named Theresa in Dodge County, opened a grist mill and general store, and reentered the fur trade. Juneau died on November 14, 1856 during a trip to the annual Indian payment at the Menominee reservation. His body was returned to Milwaukee for a funeral held at St. John’s Cathedral.

When did Solomon Juneau come to Milwaukee?

Fur trader Solomon Juneau arrived here in 1818 and saw the potential of Milwaukee. Solomon Juneau stands on the shore of Lake Michigan and looks across the city he established.

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