Quick Answer: How Far Is Yellowknife From Edmonton?

Is Yellowknife accessible by road?

First completed in 1960 as a gravel and dirt road, the highway is now paved and realigned after years of work concluded in 2006. Access to Yellowknife prior to the opening of the Yellowknife Highway was possible only by airplane, winter road, or boat across Great Slave Lake.

Why is Edmonton warmer than Yellowknife?

The altitude of the sun at midday is overall 8.9° higher in Edmonton, Alberta than in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Relative humidity levels are 11.6% lower. The mean dew point temperature is 6.1°C (11°F) higher.

What is the closest gateway city to Yellowknife?

The closest large city to Yellowknife is Edmonton, Alberta, which is a relatively short flight away.

Do you need a car in Yellowknife?

YK like many NWTcommunities is long and narrow. To really experience the place you need to, drive your own car. You can travel around to nearby sites like the old mine sites or drive an hour to Behcho Ko (formerly Rae Edzo). Lots to see and do in the capital and its best done in your own wheels.

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How much is a trip to Yellowknife?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Yellowknife is $1,730 for a solo traveler, $3,107 for a couple, and $5,825 for a family of 4. Yellowknife hotels range from $73 to $334 per night with an average of $121, while most vacation rentals will cost $240 to $640 per night for the entire home.

Which is hottest city in Canada?

Victoria, British Columbia holds the title for the warmest city in Canada during the winter. Daily average highs reach 9°C and nightly lows only drop to around 4°C. Average annual snowfall is low at 25 cm. Victoria only has one day per year where the temperature will drop below zero.

Which city is the sunniest in Canada?

Although receiving nowhere near as many hours of sun as the US top sunny-destination, Calgary, Alberta tops the sunniest places in Canada and receives a respectable 2405 hours and 333 days of sunshine a year. Edmonton is also a strong sun spot with 2299 hours and 321 days of sun a year.

Is Yellowknife the coldest city in Canada?

In 2014, Yellowknife, Canada, was reported as the coldest and sunniest city in Canada. The city’s more than 18,000 residents brave the cold each winter. In January 2019, daily temperatures were as low as minus 25 degrees F and dropped to minus 35 F at night.

What is the best time to visit Yellowknife?

Yellowknife is the best place in the world to view the aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. With our long and clear winter nights, mid-November to the beginning of April tend to be the best times of the year to visit for a good viewing.

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What is the closest town to Yellowknife?

Cities near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories:

  • Hay River, Canada.
  • Fort Smith, Canada.
  • High Level, Canada.
  • Fond-du-Lac, Canada.
  • Fort Liard, Canada.
  • Fort Nelson, Canada.
  • Kugluktuk, Canada.
  • Fort McMurray, Canada.

Can you drive to Yellowknife from Toronto?

Yes, the driving distance between Toronto to Yellowknife is 5058 km. It takes approximately 2 days 8h to drive from Toronto to Yellowknife.

What is the main industry in Yellowknife?

Diamonds were discovered in the area in 1991, and with the founding of three operating diamond mines within short flights of Yellowknife, the city is once again getting in touch with its mining roots. Tourism, transportation, and communications are other significant Yellowknife industries.

What is there to do in Yellowknife in the winter?

What Do You Need To Know Before Visiting Yellowknife in Winter

  • Take A Yellowknife Northern Lights Tour.
  • Drive The Dettah Ice Road.
  • Explore Yellowknife Old Town.
  • Go Dog Sledding In Yellowknife.
  • Hike The Cameron Falls Trail In the Yellowknife Wilderness.
  • Discover the Best Yellowknife Museums.

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