Question: How Old Is Dr Oakley Yukon Vet?

Are Dr Oakley and Shane still married?

She has lived in Haines Junction, Yukon, Canada, since 1992 with her husband, Shane Oakley, their three daughters, Willow, Maya and Sierra, along with a wide variety of animal friends. Dr. Oakley is now back in the Yukon and currently in the midst of taping Season 7 of “Dr.

Are Dr Oakley’s daughters vets?

Sierra is the eldest daughter of Dr. Oakley and she is studying and learning about the basics of a veterinarian from her mother. Her other two daughters also help her out in taking care and rescuing animals but only Sierra has decided to become a fulltime veterinarian and choose it as her profession.

How much does DR Oakley Yukon vet make?

Dr. Oakley receives a reported salary of $15, 000 per episode of the show. She has a net worth over $700,000.

How old is Dr Oakley Yukon vet daughters?

Michelle Oakley is a 50 years old American with Canadian nationality Veterinary doctor. She is famously known for her show ‘Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet’, this makes her a TV celebrity.

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Did Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet pass away?

He was hired as an animal welfare officer in Fort Collins, Colorado, which bolstered his strong ethics on animal care. Dr. Dr. Jeff lives and dies by his own code as rules sometimes are meant to be broken.

What happened to Dr Brenda on Dr Pol?

She works as a senior staff veterinarian officer at the center. Remarkably, Brenda has worked with Dr. Pol for about 28 years now, and the relationship they developed remains strong to this day.

What are Dr Oakley’s girls doing now?

Both daughters have appeared in Nat Geo Wild show “Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet.” Evidently, Maya likes to care and treat animals however she plans to pursue a career elsewhere. She currently enrolls at the University of Western Ontario where she studies criminal justice.

What is Dr Oakley doing now?

In Haines Junction, Yukon, Dr. Oakley now runs an animal clinic out of the home she shares with her husband Shane and three daughters, Sierra, Maya, and Willow. She also runs weekly clinical sessions 148 miles away in Haines, Alaska, and 96 miles away in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Is Sierra Oakley a vet?

One of them is Sierra Oakley. Nonetheless, Oakley is anything but an extremist; she is a veterinarian like her mom, Dr. Michelle Oakley. Propelled by her mom, Sierra likewise tries to an essential piece of the existence of a creature.

What does Dr Oakley Yukon vet husband do for a living?

Shane Oakley, the husband of the famous Vet Dr. Michelle Oakley is a firefighter in Yukon. He also worked as a Deputy Conservation Officer in Yukon.

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Who is Stephen Plantinga from Oakley?

Steve was President and CEO of Great Lakes Industries and later Great Lakes Sales. Beloved husband of Georgia Plantinga (nee Samblis), they recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a surprise party at BRCC hosted by their two children.

How much does DR POL make per episode?

For each episode, according to Gazette Review in 2018, Dr. Pol reportedly earns $30,000.

How old is Dr Pol today?

78 years (September 4, 1942)

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