Question: What Famous Poet Lived In The Yukon?

Did Robert service live in the Yukon?

Service’s two-room cabin in the Yukon, which he lived in from November 1909 until June 1912 while writing his Gold Rush novel The Trail of Ninety-Eight (1911) and his poetry collection Rhymes of a Rolling Stone (1913), is maintained as a historic site for visitors.

Who wrote Spell of the Yukon?

Born in Lancashire, England to a bank cashier and an heiress, poet Robert William Service moved to Scotland at the age of five, living with his grandfather and three aunts until his parents moved to Glasgow four years later and the family reunited. He wrote

What was Robert Service famous for?

​Service was born in England in 1874 and travelled extensively but some of his most famous poems — including The Shooting of Dan McGrew and The Cremation of Sam McGee — were written during his time in the Yukon between 1904 and 1911. The Yukon was the subject of some of Service’s most well-known poems.

What are three famous works?

His forty-five verse collections accumulated over one thousand poems, the most famous of which include “The Cremation of Sam McGee,” “The Shooting of Dan McGrew,” and “The Men That Don’t Fit In.” To add to his poetic output, Service wrote two autobiographies, Ploughman of the Moon (1945) and Harper of Heaven (1948), as

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When did Robertservice die?

Service, in full Robert William Service, (born January 16, 1874, Preston, Lancashire, England—died September 11, 1958, Lancieux, France), popular verse writer called “the Canadian Kipling” for rollicking ballads of the “frozen North,” notably “The Shooting of Dan McGrew.”

When you’re lost in the wild and scared as a child?

When you’re lost in the Wild, and you’re scared as a child, And Death looks you bang in the eye, And you’re sore as a boil, it’s according to Hoyle.

Where is the Yukon Territory?

The Yukon Territory (Yukon) is in the northwest corner of Canada. It borders on British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Alaska. Yukon has a total population of 34,157 people with most living in the capital city of Whitehorse. Yukon is an excellent place to live, work and play.

How do you spell Yukon?

Correct spelling for the English word ” yukon ” is [jˈuːkən], [jˈuːkən], [j_ˈuː_k_ə_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What type of historian is Robert Service?

Robert John Service FBA (born 29 October 1947) is a British historian, academic, and author who has written extensively on the history of the Soviet Union, particularly the era from the October Revolution to Stalin’s death.

What did Robert Service do?

Robert William Service (January 16, 1874 – September 11, 1958) was a British-Canadian poet and writer, often called “the Bard of the Yukon”. Born in Lancashire of Scottish descent, he was a bank clerk by trade, but spent long periods travelling in the Western United States and Canada, often in poverty.

Where is Robert W Service buried?

Chaucer is remembered primarily as a writer, but he mostly did his writing while he engaged in others jobs. Geoffrey Chaucer (1343?-1400), during his life, worked as a page in a royal house, a soldier, a diplomat, and a royal clerk, according to the text book I use to teach Brit.

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Who is Chaucer and why is he famous?

Geoffrey Chaucer (/ˈtʃɔːsər/; c. 1340s – 25 October 1400) was an English poet and author. Widely considered the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages, he is best known for The Canterbury Tales. He has been called the “father of English literature”, or, alternatively, the “father of English poetry”.

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